Ply Gem Windows ANd Doors Dealer

Martinelli’s Home Improvement & Supply offers Plygem 200 Builder-Series & 400 Pro-Series

Ply Gem offers styles and materials to fit any architectural design and project type. From bold colors to energy-efficient glass, our windows are designed with homeowners in mind to deliver exceptional performance each and every day.

From traditional to contemporary and everything in between, Plygem has the window styles that will make your new home shine or enhance your renovation. 

Explore our series and find the window that operates the way you want, delivers the energy performance you need and offers the unique design options that will make them truly yours.

The premium vinyl used to craft Ply Gem windows is durable and easy to maintain. 

The thermal performance of vinyl is superior to many other window materials which means greater energy efficiency. Vinyl’s base color is solid through and through for maintenance-free beauty. 

And new color options allow you to combine dark exterior colors with neutral interiors to complement your home, inside and out.

An excellent insulator, vinyl will help lower heating and cooling costs while keeping your home comfortable in any season.

Colors are engineered into the vinyl for long-lasting beauty, color retention and minimal window maintenance. Plygem offers different color options for your project, with ten exterior colors and two interior colors. Advanced color techniques provide an expanded color palette to enhance your home’s overall style.

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Picture of a lot of windows in a high-ceiling family room.

Picture of a lot of windows in a high-ceiling family room.