Picture of a single panel Malibu swing french door and Anlin window installed in a home.

Malibu Swing Do

Custom Made For Long Lasting Beauty and Operation

Like their windows, Anlin Malibu Swing Doors are of excellent quality and have upgrades standard that are extra with other manufacturers.  Like the windows, they come standard with a high-performance glass package consisting of triple silver, high performance low-e, double strength glass, and high performance Infinite Plus insulated glass.  Combined with tempered safety glass these doors increase the comfort of any home while reducing energy costs. 

Each door is custom-built with superior craftsmanship and design. Like the windows, they are specifically made to withstand California’s climate extremes.  They are built for both beauty and style with steel reinforced vertical stiles and are California Forced Entry certified and come with keyed locks standard in a variety of metal finishes.

Anlin manufactures one of the only custom-made vinyl french doors in the market.  Most french doors are usually wood or fiberglass and therefore only come in stock sizes.  Sometimes this is a problem for homeowners, especially if the existing opening is 8 feet tall.  Anlin Malibu makes doors up to 96” tall, and in different configurations like a single “X” door, an OX, or XO “Center Hinge” door, or the more traditional XX french door, where both panels open.  Speaking of which, you can order these to open in or out! They offer a nice french style handle, with the same metallic finishes available for the sliding doors.  They recently added a contemporary handle set that is a straight oval type handle, that is very stylish. They also feature a full panel length multi-point lock system that includes a deadbolt and key lock. 

One thing that sets the Malibu Vinyl Swing door apart is fact that they adjust the hinges at the factory in a squaring rack, meaning they are already set up to open/close, and “hinge” properly, in other words, they don’t slowly open or close on you after they are installed.  Even if they did, however, the hinges are adjustable to accommodate even the most out-of-square openings. They also can make some interesting configurations like OXO, with either fixed or operable sidelines, or a larger OXXO where you can have two main doors open as well as the two sidelites that open as well. Even these french doors are super energy efficient meeting both title 24 and exceeding Energy Star requirements.  

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single panel XXFrench door graphic with opening.
4 panel OXXO French door graphic with both center panels opening.
2 panel XO French door graphic with one panel opening.
2 panel XX French door graphic with both panels opening.